Technology Partners

We have partnerships with several leading technology companies to assist with varied and diverse projects.


Utilitas is on a mission to unleash the power of bioHubs to fuel industry, support networks, augment infrastructure and energise communities by delivering 100MW of dispatchable, reliable, local electricity and other bioproducts from 100 bioHubs in 100 regional communities by 2025.


AGRF is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to quality and innovation. They actively seek to partner and share our knowledge and expertise in genomics. Through their national network, AGRF provides access to innovative and leading technologies, enabling genomics in the biomedical, agricultural and environmental domains. From single gene analysis to whole genome sequencing, AGRF provides a full range of genomic capabilities and services with complementary bioinformatics across the entire biological spectrum, to academia, healthcare and commercial industries. AGRF improves quality of life through exceptional life science. We use AGRF’s services including Next Generation Sequencing, Sanger Sequencing, Genotyping, Gene Expression, Bioinformatics and DNA extraction. AGRF can be contacted here.


LuminUltra is changing how the market thinks about microbiological control through advanced field and laboratory testing methods, robust equipment, and cloud-based analytics and decision support


EcoCatalysts provides solutions for wastewater and process water treatment. Their bio-organic catalysts are formulated to reduce energy consumption, harsh chemical use and sludge handling costs. EcoCatalysts can eliminate odour issues, fats oils and grease blockages and increase biological breakdown to maximise biogas recovery. Their products can replace hazardous biocides, and harsh chemicals used to clean industrial sites and oil spills.